The Simple Things…


I’ve just watched a film, called Begin again, and it was absolutely fantastic I won’t spoil it or tell you the story but its made me reflect and count my blessings, I absolutely love music I’m so greatful because my music and playlists say more about who and what I am than anything I do in life, and it something I am so greatful for, music I universal I love to sing and even write my own songs but most importantly I love other artists and music from the past and present.

Music is something that makes life worth living for, it’s infectious wether it’s a gig or a newly released album to and old LP, I think what would life be without music?

I encourage you followers and friends to get out your favourite artists and music and blast it out from time to time, dance and sing along to your favourite songs and enjoy it for what it is, I know for sure that when I do it it makes me feel alive, determined and rich in life.

Tell me some of your favourite artists and songs or even link me them! I want to know what’s out there and what you’re all about :)

Until next time keep smiling and love always,

Your friend,


SONG – Simple Things Click This Link! :)


Birthday Soon….


Okay :) so it’s going to be my birthday… On the 21st October!

I can’t wait and I am going away to Scotland and then Spain soon but when I get back I may do a Q&A or facts about me as a person

If you like the idea please click like and send me some questions Or something :) ill happily answer them! Make them interesting!!!!! What do you want to know about me?

Keep smiling

Your friend,

G.S x


Today,Tomorrow, Forever


I use this picture as an example, I don’t care if you’re a male or a female reading this, but this is how you want your partner to look at you.

When your with him and her and wether you can see it, this is true love it’s weird how I observe my friends relationships and situations and I can read wether they’re settling, made, “perfect” for each other, happy, sad no matter what they say and do.

The problem is I don’t know what I’m going to do if I’m honest, I’m so old school and old fashioned that I honestly know that I don’t know how I will now meet someone in the future, because I won’t find someone who will love me and have the same morals and values as me, and do you know what frustrates me and worries me? Is all these couples who when they’re partners aren’t around are commenting on how “fit” and “hot” someone ELSE is! Or acting like they’re single when they’re away from their partners…

Sure have a good time with your friends etc but I just cannot understand it, everytime I’ve been with a woman I’ve been married IN MY MIND, because I want to be THAT loyal, I don’t want or stare at another female, sure I’d speak and be polite etc but I wouldn’t flirt or be THAT GUY who’s always commenting on other women, especially behind my woman’s back.

Plus there’s the fact that I’m still not financially secure and that I don’t feel comfortable with my current job, my music and acting career is going well but not enough to bump into old friends Etc and for me to feel like I’ve moved forward much.

It’s been 2 years and counting I think since I saw and heard anything from Scarlett, still feels weird, still feels like I’ve been stung badly it still gets to me in moments but it has and is lessened.

I sometimes see family’s and couples and I really wanted all that, I wanted to be a father and have a child and have my own home and now that dream post Scarlett has just completely left my mind.

I would love to date again and see who’s out there but I just couldn’t go back to the beginning and start all over, I’ve been talking to girls and women I tried tinder I went our more but somewhere in me just doesn’t feel right with it.

I do feel stupid for it, but maybe I need that moment where I see Scarlett or her with another guy to really hit me in the gut, I need to get back into the gym regular and keep up with my football(soccer to American friends) and just keep pushing towards a better life.

I’m writing this because I know that there’s love out there for everyone and there’s chances everyday, but you have to be careful, there’s thorns dressed as roses and that’s what’s worrying, but I guess we can’t live in fear right?

Keep smiling, stay positive and who knows what will happen in this thing we called life.

I believe everything happens for a reason, fate is a crazy thing sometimes

Love always,

G.S 🌹


Today can kiss my ass!

Well I’ve not been writing for a while, it’s because I’ve felt uninspired and also been concentrating on finding a new job well here’s the update so far!

Job interview number 1:

I got offered a job, more money, etc etc so I decided to go to the face to face interview….

They lied about the hours, no mention of salary, training or progression and this is for a big well known electronics company. I was very disappointed and turned the job down

The interview made me do spelling tests questionnaires and all sorts which was overwhelming for the actual amount of wasted time in the interview if I’m honest.

Job “Opportunity” Number 2

So I receive an email saying prepare your ID ready for the face to face interview for another job (they only say that if you HAVE the job)

But G.S you’ll have todo an online assessment and then answer a few questions and do all this online it doesn’t take long blah blah blah….

So I do the assessment and it was fairly straight forward but at the start the timer went down quick for a question or two and GUESS WHAT!

I didn’t “get the job” and they sent me 2 emails saying I unfortunately didn’t get it and all this bullshit so I emailed the lady who organised me getting the job and she said oh yeah the company said you failed the test and REFUSED to give me feedback about it

FUCK YOU interviews, fuck you stupid assessments, fuck you stupid questionnaires.

Maybe I got the questions wrong but I’m 99% sure I did okay/got them right but I’m so disappointed and annoyed with the recruiter and the companies so far…

I could cry I’m so angry and disappointed.

Anyways..Rant over and ill keep you all posted how things get on…

Have you ever had shitty interviews or assessments? Let me know in the comments section below!

Your friend,



New Job Adventure and Advice….


I’m currently seeking a new job, fresh start, more money, new company to represent and work for, to finally be in a suit and not in a uniform! Which will help me pay for all the things I require in my hobbies and music and also go towards all the things I’ve wanted in respects of travelling and dressing nicer etc.

Looking for a job is easier when you have a job, it’s important that you try your best to search/have something in mind, Be patient, make sure that your CV or Resume is 10000000% and you also have a cover letter, network the best you can with employers and recruitment consultants and just get out there


Be realistic and slowly work yourself up the ladder and apply for LOTS because you will be rejected more than accepted so be prepared for that :)

Be positive!!! If you hate the job you’re in right now be blessed that you have a job, think back to where you were a few years ago to where you are now, small baby steps towards a better place for yourself.

Know your worth also, don’t be too “specific” but don’t also degrade yourself you’re better than what you think you are!

Wish me luck guys, I create my own luck but knowing that there’s positive people out there routing for you goes a long way

Keep smiling, Keep Seeing the light in the dark and I love you all… I will let you know if I hear anything

Chase Your Dream and find your passion.

Your Friend Always,

G.S x



Okay so I had a few emails by people asking if I could and would have a Facebook account for GS….So well now you have it guys!!!

You can’t miss me just type in “Gentleman Sparks” in the search bar and you’ll recognise the picture from the blog

It says the name is “Gent Spar” because I had to protect my real name !

Anyways get adding feel free to message, email me link me things anything and spread the love!

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Just want to thank you to all my followers and friends of WordPress for making me stronger, for having the patience, the love, the comments all the views and the likes of my posts! I’m glad you enjoyed them! At 4000 and 5000 I’m going to do 2 posts that will be a little Q&A and Facts you want to know about me ! So start leaving your questions or things you want to know in the comments and Email me! GentlemanSparks@Gmail.com …

Stay Strong

Love Always

G.S x