New Job Adventure and Advice….


I’m currently seeking a new job, fresh start, more money, new company to represent and work for, to finally be in a suit and not in a uniform! Which will help me pay for all the things I require in my hobbies and music and also go towards all the things I’ve wanted in respects of travelling and dressing nicer etc.

Looking for a job is easier when you have a job, it’s important that you try your best to search/have something in mind, Be patient, make sure that your CV or Resume is 10000000% and you also have a cover letter, network the best you can with employers and recruitment consultants and just get out there


Be realistic and slowly work yourself up the ladder and apply for LOTS because you will be rejected more than accepted so be prepared for that :)

Be positive!!! If you hate the job you’re in right now be blessed that you have a job, think back to where you were a few years ago to where you are now, small baby steps towards a better place for yourself.

Know your worth also, don’t be too “specific” but don’t also degrade yourself you’re better than what you think you are!

Wish me luck guys, I create my own luck but knowing that there’s positive people out there routing for you goes a long way

Keep smiling, Keep Seeing the light in the dark and I love you all… I will let you know if I hear anything

Chase Your Dream and find your passion.

Your Friend Always,

G.S x



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Just want to thank you to all my followers and friends of WordPress for making me stronger, for having the patience, the love, the comments all the views and the likes of my posts! I’m glad you enjoyed them! At 4000 and 5000 I’m going to do 2 posts that will be a little Q&A and Facts you want to know about me ! So start leaving your questions or things you want to know in the comments and Email me! GentlemanSparks@Gmail.com …

Stay Strong

Love Always

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Film Review “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″


There’s something I have to confess…..I’m Abit of a geek…but it’s okay I like being Abit of a “geek”, I love wrestling, comic book films, video games etc, hey I’m in my mid 20’s! Although I’m probably still going to be the same in my 50’s! Haha….

I’ve recently just finished seeing this movie and wow it blew me away and I wanted to quickly review and talk about WHY and what I think neutral and skeptical fans and viewers will get out of this movie!



I don’t want to include MAJOR spoilers… so I won’t, but Spider-Man/Peter Parker has friends and foes but the brilliant cast compliment one another with replicating the feelings of being hurt by a close friend and also the feeling of making new friends!



One of my closest blogging friends spoke to me about “Hope”… And this is talked about in Gwen’s speech! Underneath here shows what she says and it’s a fantastic speech! Also about love… Emma stone and Andrew Garfield are incredible together and have fantastic chemistry! It helps that they actually are in a relationship with one another and it really shines through! From the awkward like moments to loving one another to being friends who can’t resist each other…you name it its there!




This film has alot of lessons of life,responsibility, the cost of power and everything In between, it was beautifully acted and shot, it actually made me cry I was so overwhelmed with the performances and impressed with the fluidity and roller coaster that the story took you on…. It is a MUST see for any movie lovers, romance lovers,action lovers..the list goes on! For me it had everything in a movie that I like, fantastic storytelling and hey if you like this movie comment below tell me what you love about it and I might do reviews of more movies let me know what you think :)

Your Friend,

Spider-Man….erm I mean G.S


The Cheat and The Cheated….


Okay, MOST of us have been there, suspected our partners have been cheating, might be cheating, worried about if you’re good enough, if they like someone else and I was watching a film today called “the other woman” check it out!, it inspired me to write about the topic “Cheating” (the ex I mention is NOT SCARLETT!)

Asking “WHY DO MEN CHEAT?” is the same as asking why women do it?, I’ve been victim of 2 people who I had relationships cheating, one time I was told by multiple people and I just walked away and the other I caught red handed, now I’m going to write SIGNS OF POSSIBLE CHEATING these are my own views and I don’t want you people in relationships to be alarmed if you notice similarities etc its just what I saw found and discovered from MY relationships and experiences!

I’m lucky I have a pretty strong eye and sense of those who’ve cheated and do cheat because I’ve not only discovered it in my relationships but I’ve also discovered it for and from friends relationships etc! So here’s some of things to be aware and cautious of!

1. Taking their phone EVERYWHERE!

You ladies love playing FBI and checking you’re fellas phones even if its a quick peek to see what they’re doing BUT my ex used to snatch her phone everywhere even when she was taking a shower and I later discovered pictures of her that weren’t for me! And without slaying lets just say there were no clothes involved! More than one picture also.

2. Constantly complimenting other people

This one was to the point of where it feels like MIND GAMES, saying x y and z is cute and my ex (NOT SCARLETT) even told me how this guy kept “smacking her arse” and saying how much he’d miss her when she left school etc, sounds harmless but I discovered texts back and forth which basically were inviting some kind of activity that involves a bed if you smell what I’m cooking!

3. Randomly getting text and called LATE at night! Or only being “Friends” – I had this with a guy who said he wanted to “fuck” Scarlett, and they were only “Friends” as you say and I honestly felt like beating him up a few times but I tried to deal with them being friends, yet she stopped being friends with him for a while to suddenly become friends with him when we split up…..yeah sounds normal right?….


If you question wether someone likes their friends or can be friends with the opposite sex, have 10 shots of whiskey and if you both or you don’t want to do anything with them kiss flirt or anything further etc then you are probably cool to be friends! (It’s an old formula but works!) VIDEO HERE (why men and women can’t be “Friends”)

The thing mentioned in the video above is something that happened with me and Scarlett she got drunk on a night out and kissed one of her guy “friends” she even told me “he kissed her”… Again no generalisation just an experience of what I’ve seen and had done to me

4. Any strange behaviour

Randomly being quiet, change in ways they kiss, hug, sexually, physically, all these can sometimes be signs of SOMETHING (not always cheating)

5. Empty/Cleared Messages

This is for the ladies or gents who have permission from their partners to check their phones, they always say if you’re deleting texts Etc that you don’t want your partner to see you’re already halfway to cheating!….

Look just be careful guys, cheating and being cheated on is horrendous, especially those who are in marriages, or long relationships, it hurts like hell so be cautious, relationships these days are hard with social networks being another way of secret contact and cheating (another one of my ex’s favourites) – I don’t want to freak some of you out but these are only 1 persons opinions and experiences…

Cheating can be anything, and there’s a saying “Cheating is anytime we would not want our partner seeing what we’re doing.” – I know SO many guys In a relationship and what they get up to OUTSIDE their relationship they would be immediately dumped for the way they look and talk about other girls, the places they visit(strip clubs etc) so it’s hard to distinguish a good lie or the actual truth sometimes… – cheating isn’t always sex!!!

If there’s any you’d like to share please reblog this post or comment/like it!

Also a quick topic I want to hear from you guys, when you’ve been cheated on and found out how do you react? Do you seek revenge or do you just leave cut your losses and recover?

I want to hear and share stories, lets put it all on the line here and discuss!

Have you been the cheater? What made you do it? Would you cheat again? What’s the worst lies you’ve made or heard?…..

Spread the love and be kind, your stories may help someone and I hope mine do too.

Your Friend Always,

G.S x


Jobs, Finding Jobs and Unemployment


Which one is actually worse these days? See I’ve seen and experienced all of the above, I’ve been working since I was 16, done work experience, voluntary work, amateur and professional work In acting and I’ve worked with Hollywood people all the way to your “average joes”, and I must admit its so hard these days to move from one job to the next.

My sibling works his ass off, got amazing grades throughout his study, a brilliant degree in business and what happened after graduation? He went into the world of reality, searched high and low for jobs, was in and out of a few and even had to declare unemployed for a short stint and its not just him out there suffering!

So am I saying education is a waste of time? Yes and no to be fair, some people like myself wish I’d have gone to Uni, wish I’d have had my independence and living on my own in a big city, sometimes it’s the journey not the destination.

My brother recently had to struggle juggling interviews inbetween his current job which has been a nightmare and unsuccessful for him,

But I explained the lesson in a way I never thought, I told him to think of it as a bad date, what happens when we meet someone and they “aren’t the one”? We move onto the next person without losing anything, with just lessons learnt about what we want and don’t want!

I want to keep this short and sweet but you guys seeking jobs, find something that MAKES YOU HAPPY! find something you’re passionate about, something that makes work not feel like work! But keep trying and keep your head up!, it’s a tough world out there and more and more “safe” jobs are becoming cut throat!

You have this life once, so do everything to your potential and help someone, help someone find a job or reach their goals and you will succeed through GOOD KARMA!

Always believe,

Your Friend,

G.S x

P.S if you have had any problems with the topic I have written about please comment below about your thoughts and experiences! Lets help each other