Jobs, Finding Jobs and Unemployment


Which one is actually worse these days? See I’ve seen and experienced all of the above, I’ve been working since I was 16, done work experience, voluntary work, amateur and professional work In acting and I’ve worked with Hollywood people all the way to your “average joes”, and I must admit its so hard these days to move from one job to the next.

My sibling works his ass off, got amazing grades throughout his study, a brilliant degree in business and what happened after graduation? He went into the world of reality, searched high and low for jobs, was in and out of a few and even had to declare unemployed for a short stint and its not just him out there suffering!

So am I saying education is a waste of time? Yes and no to be fair, some people like myself wish I’d have gone to Uni, wish I’d have had my independence and living on my own in a big city, sometimes it’s the journey not the destination.

My brother recently had to struggle juggling interviews inbetween his current job which has been a nightmare and unsuccessful for him,

But I explained the lesson in a way I never thought, I told him to think of it as a bad date, what happens when we meet someone and they “aren’t the one”? We move onto the next person without losing anything, with just lessons learnt about what we want and don’t want!

I want to keep this short and sweet but you guys seeking jobs, find something that MAKES YOU HAPPY! find something you’re passionate about, something that makes work not feel like work! But keep trying and keep your head up!, it’s a tough world out there and more and more “safe” jobs are becoming cut throat!

You have this life once, so do everything to your potential and help someone, help someone find a job or reach their goals and you will succeed through GOOD KARMA!

Always believe,

Your Friend,

G.S x

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Life Lessons....

Life Lesson….Part 3


To my future daughter…

I saw this the other day and I think it’s relevant to the ladies out there and also to the future daughters of some of the guys who may read this blog!

How to find and spot a good man who’s perfect for you and to your daughter! There’s some rocks disguised as diamonds out there so choose wisely

Comment below if you agree or disagree

Your Friend,

G.S x



If you just Smile…….


I was blessed to have received a wonderful email from a follower today and it really helped and made my day and it inspired me to do the theme of this post and that will be “Smile

Smile because its infectious, we can pass our smiles on through our warm hearts and smiling can make alot of bad things seem okay, we sometimes smile even when we are broken and torn, but it shows bravery and strength.


And today my reason is you guys, and my close circle of followers who I consider friends (you all know who you are), also my new followers who are wanting to get to know me and who comment and like my posts and enjoy them for what they are, I was going to quit posting after I “recovered” from Scarlett but I want to carry it on because I’d miss you all.

Today smile because of what you have in your life, smile because of the qualities you possess in your personalities an your beautiful features! For your hidden talents and your best kept secrets

Be proud of who you are, send someone a smile, show them that you care because I care, I care about you all!

You’ll see that life is still worthwhile….if you just smile

Your Friend,

G.S x

Smile :) <—- Click the link to hear the Song

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Sssssssssmooookinnnn!!!……okay…so now I’ve got that quote out of my chest I wanted to talk about something in a different way and I remembered how much I loved this film, not only because of how much I wanted to be like like him, but how I wanted to be like BOTH sides of him,

You have jim carrey who’s just the regular guy, regular job and then you have “THE MASK” who’s such an elaborate and “better” version of himself!


But we all wear masks at times, we wear them when we have fallen out with siblings and you’re so mad at them yet you go out with your sibling and friends and you’re lovely as pie to your friends but not your sibling

You wear a mask when you meet your girlfriends parents because you know they probably won’t find your corny puns and cheesy jokes funny so you just sit there and keep your mouth shut and talk when you feel like it’s the right time to

You wear a mask when you serve people at work that you don’t like and you HAVE to serve them/be polite to them

You wear a mask when you’ve broken up with someone and you’re forcing yourself to think you’re happy and are doing okay…. When you’re actually struggling inside and feel like sh*t

These are all examples and all that I’ve done before in my life, and probably do without knowing!


Even in dating when you date you become the REPRESENTATIVE of yourself, you’re more reserved, cautious, playful etc, you don’t sulk or date in joggers sweatpants and a vest etc, no you put on your best suit or a sexy dress and you try and make effort 1000000%!

The art and I guess maybe conclusion of this post is to be BOTH people, have the heart and the guts to be THE REAL YOU (that the MASK is) but in a more controlled way, yet also be how Jim Carrey is as “Himself” in the film, love yourself, learn that different is better than being the same as everyone else, there’s qualities about yourself that are talented, unique, cute and funny, so embrace them, take the mask off and be the real you! And hey if you get a chance, watch the film and let me know what you think of it? I think you’ll LOVE IT


When do you wear your “Mask”?

Comment below and thank you all for your comments love and support

Your Friend,

G.S 🌹 x


Mr Everything…



“Aint life so cruel when you’re just not good enough?, aint life so cruel when theres someone else she loves”

Some of us have our idea of “Mr or Mrs Everything” but they don’t really exist. You see you have to look for qualities in a partner like they’re potentially your LIFE MATE, that you’re gunna grow old and develop with, someone who will IMPROVE YOU, will make you feel like a man/woman and will compliment you’re every move and thought.

We spend so much time (more ladies than men) really criticising men what we don’t do and not focusing on what we do do right. I’m not saying EVERY lady does this but it’s some kind of social thing, I have a friend at work, she’s a lovely girl, she’s polite, friendly with guys but not flirty but she ALLLLLLLLWAAAAYYYYSSSS complains about her man, and I even tell her if he’s so rubbish/miserable etc why are you still with him sharing a house and sleeping in the same bed? Is she comfortable? Scared she won’t find someone else or “better”? You tell me, and I’ve talked to so many women who say how much they love their man BUT he plays too much xbox or he spends too much time with his friends or he doesn’t go to the gym! So many couples say all this behind one another’s back but won’t say it to their partner

I’ve been on the recieving end of this many times in respects of what I do and don’t do and I realised that for the amount of time I spent in my relationships I’ve not really felt like a MAN, I’ve been made to feel stupid, useless, untrustworthy, incapable of something and my favourite unintelligent and not “good enough”

This isn’t a rant post at all, just I guess abit of closure and forgiveness that I’m not perfect, I fuck up, infact I mess up so much that it’s a blessing because I’m wise, I’m humble, polite, I like talking and listening to people, I’ve never been someone who puts himself first but I’m investing time in myself more now.

I’ve spent the past 2 years torturing myself and literally wasting my life and time because of what happened (see recent posts new followers) and it’s not fair, no one should do that! I rejected all the love and help that was given to me, it’s crazy that you let someone do that to you, maybe I love too deeply maybe I care too much but it’s who I am, I go all in I give it every inch and fibre of my body that I can and it’s not paid off, but that’s life, you fail and mess up and you’ve just gotta grow from it, it doesn’t mean I’m gunna be dating and sleeping with tonnes of women I’m just gunna get my priorities right and learn from it, if I grow old on my own then let’s have it! I’ll just enjoy my life for what it is and will be!

Losing Scarlett has sucked and still sucks at times but MY life is about ME, and I say it like riding a train, some of you will ride the train with me(and some would even ride the bus) but some of you will get de railed and only want to ride the limo with me, remove negative people from your life, remove poison from your life….

Forgive yourself, be strong, be happy, work through that bucket list you’ve always wanted to do, fuck up, make mistakes and learn from them and grow!

You GROW through what you GO through! – times a healer

How do I know? Because 2 years ago around this time I was crying everyday for about a year after that and what else? I didn’t sleep properly I couldn’t eat, diagnosed with depression, couldn’t go 5 seconds without thinking about something that turned my insides inside out or that made my heart feel like it was being repeatedly stabbed! What do I feel now? Scars that are healing into scar tissue, a body and mind that is getting stronger and confidence and trust in who I am,

Will I love again? Will me and Scarlett get back together? Will my career take off? Will I move away? Will I achieve what I want in life? Who knows but it’s gunna be one hell of a journey…..

You coming with me?

I love you all, always.

Your Friend,

G.S x

P.S email me or drop me a comment! I don’t like feeling that I’m talking to myself I hope my posts help someone out there like some have yours have.