To my future daughter…

I saw this the other day and I think it’s relevant to the ladies out there and also to the future daughters of some of the guys who may read this blog!

How to find and spot a good man who’s perfect for you and to your daughter! There’s some rocks disguised as diamonds out there so choose wisely

Comment below if you agree or disagree

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6 thoughts on “To my future daughter…

  1. I agree 100%. My hope is their not eight years down the road with two children and no where to go. There are a few slick ones who can pass the test only to change down the road. Raising our children to speak for themselves, to have confidence and know right from wrong is a great start. Thank you for posting. 🙂

    • My pleasure! Thank you for reading :), you’re absolutely right alot of people change and “Trap” people I hope the next and new generation learn the importance of old morals and values and they should never go away

      • I talked about that yesterday, I was raised my grandparents and learned it doesn’t cost money to have a good time. They taught me responsibility and so many things. It seems today the parents are busier than the kids and they never even eat together. It a bit troubling knowing they are the future. We can hope for the best. 🙂

      • You are blessed and I know you know that! I was blessed to have been raised by my amazing grandparents and my mother is also and angel but the problem also lies with HOW YOUNG people are having children! They haven’t grown up yet so they’re growing at the same time their children are! It’s alot of pressure, divorce is more acceptable, high rates of cheating these days all these things going off whilst having children, where’s the time to teach?

      • The children are the ones who suffer. If I would have had children at 18, my life would be very different. I would not be ready for motherhood at 18. I think social media has changed the way people communicate and the more they play on Facebook or watch video games effects the ability to communicate face to face. Which will bring other problems. But I’m sure previous generations said that every generation forward. 🙂

      • You’re right about the other generations!

        Social media is slowly ruining it in a way! Because it makes things acceptable like for instance you could be working all day for your family and your partner could be on Facebook talkin to loads of dudes or dudettes talking about anything and everything you don’t know what they’re doing, then they’re devoting too much time on media outlets than investing time in partners and children

        Broken communication all the time

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